Next Generation Astrochemistry


Day 1 – November 29

8:30 Reception desk open

9:00-9:10 Opening remarks – Nami Sakai 

9:10-9:40 Shogo Tachibana – Samples returned from C-type asteroid (162173) Ryugu - A window to investigate the initial chemical state of the Solar System [Keynote]

9:40-10:20 Daniel Glavin – Prebiotic organics in extraterrestrial materials: An inventory for the origin of life [Invited] Remote

10:20-10:50 Sarah Zeichner - Isotopic evidence of interstellar contributions to formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the Ryugu asteroid [Invited] Remote

10:50-11:10 Hiroshi Naraoka – HCHO: A central role of molecular evolution in extraterrestrial materials Remote

11:10-11:30 break 

11:30-11:50 Yasuhiro Oba – Nitrogen heterocyclic molecules in the asteroid (162173) Ryugu and CI chondrite Orgueil

11:50-12:10 Hikaru Yabuta – Macromolecular organic matter in C-type asteroid Ryugu

12:10-13:40 lunch

13:40-14:20 Yoko Kebukawa – Organic chemistry in the small bodies: What makes difference between Ryugu and chondrites? [Invited]

14:20-14:40 Poster flash-talks 

14:40-15:30 Poster session 

15:30-16:10 Yousoo Kim – Single-molecule approach toward surface astrochemistry [Keynote]

16:10-16:50 Markus Heyde – Resolving Complex and Functionalized Surface Structures by Scanning Probe Methods [Invited]

16:50-17:30 Liv Hornekaer - Imaging Interstellar Dust Grain Model Surfaces with Atomic Resolution [Invited] Remote

Day 3 – December 1

9:00–9:40 Heather Lewandowski – Chemical reactions between cold, trapped ions and neutral molecules [Invited] Remote

9:40–10:20 Yuri Aikawa and Toshiyuki Takayanagi – Theoretical astrochemistry based on microscopic processes in the gas and solid phases [Keynote]

10:20–10:40 break

10:40–11:00 Kim Hyeon-Deuk - Distinct real-time dynamics of para-hydrogen and ortho-hydrogen on a carbon surface Remote

11:00–11:20 Tatsuhiro Murakami – Ring-polymer molecular dynamics of kinetics for the H- + C2H2 → H2 + C2H- reaction using the full-dimensional potential energy surface

11:20–12:00 German Molpeceres – Physical Processes on Interstellar Apolar Ices [Invited]

12:00–13:30 lunch

13:30–13:50 W. M. C. Sameera – Radical processes on interstellar ices: a combined experimental and quantum chemical study

13:50–14:10 Kenji Furuya – Diffusion Activation Energy and Desorption Activation Energy for Astrochemically Relevant Species on Water Ice Show No Clear Relation

14:10–14:30 Juan García de la Concepción – A sequential acid-base (SAB) mechanism in the interstellar medium: The emergence of cis formic acid in dark molecular clouds Remote

14:30–14:50 Josep Miquel – Girart Magnetically regulated collapse in the B335: The chemical perspective

14:50–15:10 Jaime Eduardo Pineda – A Spatially Resolved map of Cosmic Ray Ionization Rate and Electron Fraction

15:10–16:10 Poster session

16:10–16:50 Nami Sakai – Exploring Chemical Evolution along Formation of Planetary-System by High Resolution/Sensitivity Observations [Keynote]

16:50–17:10 Linda Podio – ALMA-DOT: the ALMA chemical survey of Disk-Outflow sources in Taurus Remote

17:10–17:30 Izaskun Jimenez-Serra – Towards prebiotic chemistry in the interstellar medium Remote

Day 2 – November 30

9:00–9:30 Naoki Watanabe - Recent progress in experiments on nonenergetic surface processes [Invited]

9:30–9:50 Poster flash-talks

9:50–10:50 Poster session

10:50–11:20 Atsuki Ishibashi - Highly sensitive analysis for reaction of CH3OH and OH radical on ice: pathway for efficient CH3O-derived COMs formation [Invited]

11:20–11:40 Hiroshi Hidaka - Temperature dependence of the surface morphology of amorphous solid water

11:40–12:00 Tetsuya Hama - Absolute band strength and orientation of dangling OH bonds in amorphous water

12:00–14:10 lunch

14:10–14:30 Patrice Theule – Warm temperature formation of interstellar molecular hydrogen on a carbonaceous surface Remote

14:30–15:10 Yuji Nakano – Experimental study of gas phase chemical reaction by advanced beam technologies [Keynote]

15:10–15:50 Pierre-Michel Hillenbrand – Single-pass merged-beams experiments on molecular ion-neutral reactions for astrochemistry [Invited]

15:50–16:10 break

16:10–16:30 Hajime Tanuma – Ion mobility and ion-molecule reactions in cooled hydrogen gas

16:30–17:10 Michal Hejduk – Towards state selective recombination of ions with electrons [Invited]

17:10–17:30 Hiroshi Kohguchi – Laboratory experiments on proton/hydride transfer under interstellar conditions 

Day 4 – December 2

9:00–9:40 Maria Drozdovskaya – Methanol deuteration and the story it tells about the chemical heritage of comets [Invited]

9:40–10:00 Yoshihide Yamato – NH2D/NH3 in NGC1333IRAS4A

10:00–10:20 Judit Feffer Asensio – Millimeter and Sub-millimeter spectroscopy of doubly deuterated acetaldehyde (CHD2CHO)

10:20–10:40 Takahiro Oyama – Laboratory Measurement of Millimeter-wave Transitions of CH2DOH and 13CH2DOH for Astronomical Use

10:40–11:00 break

11:00–11:40 Rob Garrod – Modeling non-diffusive grain-surface chemistry: application to propanol chemistry [Invited]

11:40–12:00 Jaeyeong Kim - Tracing history of the episodic accretion process in protostars using the AKARI IRC near-infrared slitless spectra

12:00–12:20 Yao-Lun Yang - Evolution of organic chemistry from ice to gas: The prospect of JWST observations

12:20–12:40 Hideko Nomura - Formation of complex organic molecules through ice mantle reactions

12:40–12:50 Closing remarks – Yuri Aikawa

12:50–14:20 lunch

14:20–14:30 Celebration-Introduction – Nami Sakai 

14:30–15:10 Kenichi Tatemastu – The establishment of the chemical evolution, the achievement of the Mt. Fuji Submillimeter-wave Telescope, and future prospects [Invited]

15:10–15:30 Claudio Codella – Large carbon bearing species in the cradle of rising Suns: the GBT lesson and perspectives for SKA and ngVLA Remote

15:30–15:55 break

15:55–16:35 Marcelino Agúndez – A golden age for Astrochemistry [Invited]

16:35–17:15 Cecilia Ceccarell / Claudio Codellai – The chemical evolution of Solar-type planetary systems [Invited] Remote

17:15–17:45 Yoko Oya - Chemical Differentiation and its Relation with the Physical Structures in Disk-Forming Regions: This and the Next Decade [Invited]

17:45–18:30 Ceremony   


Sota Arakawa – On the number of stars in the Sun's birth cluster: constraints from the coexistence of 26Al-rich and 26Al-poor CAIs 

Gianni Cataldi – Studying the chemistry of debris disk gas 

(Tomoyuki Hanawa – Cloudlet capture model for the streamer of DG Tau)

Takeshi Hasegawa – Absorption cross section of two-coordinated dangling-OH bonds in amorphous ice 

Yuta Hori – Theoretical prediction into a possibility of the formation of propylene oxide homochirality 

Mi wha Jin – A model for explosive desorption of multi-component ice mantles 

Yui Kawashima – Implementation of disequilibrium chemistry to spectral retrieval code ARCiS: Indication of disequilibrium chemistry for HD 209458b and WASP-39b 

Kaori Kobayashi – Microwave spectroscopy of trans-ethyl methyl ether in the ground and the low-lying vibrational excited states 

Yuto Komichi – Chemistry of Forming Molecular Clouds: Comparison with Molecular Absorption Lines 

Álvaro López-Gallifa – A comparative study of the chemical content in high- and low-mass star-forming regions and comets

Andrés Megías – Chemical complexity in starless and pre-stellar cores

Kenta Mizuse – Development of molecular movie-based high-resolution spectroscopic technique for molecular complexes and ionic species

Takumi Nagasawa – The correlation between the morphology of amorphous water and dangling OH bonds 

Yoichi Nakai – Methanol production through irradiation of low-energy CH3+ ions on a water ice surface 

Kanako Narita – Physical state and chemical composition of the Galactic molecular absorption line system toward QSO J1851+0035 

Shota Notsu – The Molecular Composition of Shadowed Proto-solar Disk Midplanes Beyond the Water Snowline

Satoshi Ohashi – The radial distribution of dust grains in the smoothed protoplanetary disk around DG Tau Revealed by ALMA multi-bands observations 

Kunihiro Okada – Current status of the ion trap experiment on low-energy ion-polar molecule reactions 

Yuki Okoda – Deuterated CH3OH in the Low Mass Class 0 protostellar source B335

Anshika Pandey – A comprehensive rotational study of astronomical iso-pentane within 84 to 111 GHz 

Shogo Saito – State selective recombination of H3+ ions at low temperatures: kinetic modeling and experimental study on plasma deexcitation 

Shota Saito – Quantification of photodesorption of OH following the photolysis of liquid organics

Reo Sato – In situ observation of the crystallization of vapor-deposited amorphous water at 120 K following methanol absorption using reflection high-energy electron diffraction 

Yoko Shiina – Development of an ion-neutral merged-beam experiment 

Takashi Shimonishi – ALMA observations of peculiar embedded icy objects found by AKARI 

Ryosuke T. Tominaga – Dust transport and outer planetesimal formation via dust-growth-driven instability in protoplanetary disks 

Akemi Tamanai – Experimental spectroscopic emission measurements of methanol-16O, -17O and -18O in ALMA Band 6 

Masashi Tsuge – Diffusive hydrogenation of molecules embedded in amorphous solid water 

Natsuki Watanabe – Chiral symmetry breaking for amino acid homochirality by dimerization

Tomohiro Yoshida –Discovery of Line Pressure Broadening and Direct Constraint on Gas Surface Density in a Protoplanetary Disk

Shaoshan Zeng – The amides inventory towards the G+0.693-0.027 molecular cloud

Ziwei E Zhang – NLTE Analysis of SO in Star-forming Regions

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